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About Us

Horizon's ethos is to provide advice that is:

  • honest - sometimes the truth hurts but it's always best to be up front

  • ideative - whenever necessary we think outside the box

  • diligent - there's no pount in taking short cuts

  • unbiased - we ensure we have no conflicts and are aligned with our clients

We chose the name Horizon because we take the time to assess the long term aspirations of our clients and hence try to build longer term relationships with them - the quick buck is often not the best path to value creation.

Because it has extensive experience in advising across various corporate paths, Horizon is able to offer innovative and unbiased advice. The firm is also able to analyse and compare multiple paths; eg: private equity v IPO v trade sale.

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Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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